The Intelligence Group works as a liaison between Americans and their elected government representatives on local, state, and national issues. We help consumers resolve their problems with United States businesses. We are concerned about the safety of the products we buy, the food we eat, the water we drink, outsourcing of American jobs, outrageously high credit card interest rates and banking fees forced on us by the same banks that were bailed out by our tax dollars, skyrocketing health insurance premiums, how the home loan modification program has benefited very few, and corporate America's undisguised lack of interest in providing more than mediocre Customer Service for the loyal consumers who keep them in business. 

For years, Congress has allowed an arrogant and entitled corporate mentality to thrive, and unfortunately, failed to create and enforce a regulatory system that truly protects the interests of  the American people.  Instead, it has been American corporations that are protected, resulting in our current economic crisis, and the financial devastation of millions of our citizens. Financial industry reforms are crucially needed if we are to protect the future of the middle class in this country.

The Intelligence Group provides the latest research on a wide variety of health topics to consumers and health care professionals. We encourage everyone to become actively involved in their own health care, which includes learning about possible side effects and drug interactions from the pharmaceutical medications prescribed to them and to their family members.  For many years, we have been concerned about the junk food diet enjoyed by most Americans.  Besides causing an alarming increase in childhood obesity, it also affects brain power--impairing the ability of children (and adults too) to focus and to learn.  We provide the information and support needed to help people attain a healthier lifestyle.  We also evaluate some of the newest health and skin care products to see if they live up to their claims


      WRITING  & EDITORIAL                         CONSULTANTS
For more than two decades, we have used our skills to edit articles, books, and other materials for writers working in a wide variety of fields, including health, education, consumer advocacy, entertainment, law, religion, business, politics, and children's literature. 
The Intelligence Group